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Growing a busines is hard.

But using Machine Learning to supercharge it needn't be.

You focus on what you're great at; we'll just make you more effective.

We have a plan for anyone.


Subscribe to a plan & tell us about your business


We'll quickly build you a plan, and get to building you your bespoke solution. First peeks usually within a few business days.


We keep you in a tight loop so that you're always in the know

What you get

Included in all Plans

No matter how many hours you book with us, all those features are included with your plan.

Dedicated Support
Get a dedicated team with one Key Account Manager, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Backend & Frontend Developers
Stay Up To Date
Get unlimited meetings, project briefing and revisions for any project you have with us. You'll get a response on any inquiry in under 24 hours, no matter what day of the week!
Multi-Project Support
We support you across any number of projects or brands you have, so you have complete freedom to allocate your development hours.
Personalized onboarding and plan to make sure you get exactly what you need!
Scalable Team
We work just like an extension to your internal team, without any of the hiring or training costs, with complete scalability as your workload increases.
Transparent Pricing
You get exactly what you pay for, without hidden costs or sudden extra bills.

How do we stack up?


  • Developers
    Europe-based team of 2+
  • Avg Monthy Cost
    £4k with performance Guarantee
  • Hiring Process
    < 24 hours
  • Trial
    2 Months at half price with no further commitment
  • Flexibility
    Complete - we can work on any project


  • Developers
    1 Offshore Developer
  • Avg Monthy Cost
    £4k without any Guarantee
  • Hiring Process
    1-2 Weeks of reviewing Candidate Profiles
  • Trial
  • Flexibility
    Won't go beyond what's specified in the contract


  • Developers
    Who knows?
  • Avg Monthy Cost
    £15k+ per developer
  • Hiring Process
    Weeks of iteration on proposals
  • Trial
  • Flexibility
    Weeks of negotiation for any changes

Choose your plan

Consulting, Development & AI Research with transparent, subscription pricing. Each plan includes a dedicated OctoShrew key account manager and access to the full OctoShrew team to deliver innovative software, on-time and at the scale you need.

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