Case Studies & Industries

We have helped organizations of all sizes and industries design, build and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning solutions. Learn more about some of the industries in which we have worked below.

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Marketing & SEO

We advance the field of Marketing & SEO by not only offering our own products like or SmartOutreach but also by building state-of-the-art solutions for our clients. We analyse your data to ensure you’re capturing as much of the market as you can.

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Robotics & Autonomous Vehicles

Ranging from bleeding-edge computer vision to centralized pathfinding from a basestation using reinforcement learning, our AI-powered solutions help robotics companies stay ahead of their competition.

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Our finance experts can tackle your most challenging problems using our in-house large scale social media scraping models for sentiment based trading. Combined with our Natural Language data extraction methods, we can help you analyse a large range of financial data automatically in real time.

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Sales & Shopping

As online Shopping is getting increasingly popular, many companies are scrambling to switch to data-driven systems to maximize profit. The Data Analysts at OctoShrew can help you with implementing end-to-end data driven solutions to boost your sales.

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