We offer a range of services across the field of Machine Learning and beyond. OctoShrew helps you with model development, deployment and AI strategy.

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Deep Learning

Design, build, and deploy custom solutions that leverage state-of-the-art deep learning to move your organization towards its' goals faster than ever before.

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Natural Language Processing

Generate human like text for SEO & Marketing or extract meaning and insights from unstructured text using natural language processing methods powered by neural networks.

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Computer Vision

We build custom software to extract meaning from images, videos, LiDAR, and live streams using deep learning and traditional CV to identify, segment, track objects, and more.

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Automate systems using the latest Machine Learning technologies and reduce costs and errors for repetitive tasks.

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Our finance experts can tackle your most challenging problems using our in-house large scale social media scraping models for sentiment based trading. Combined with our Natural Language data extraction methods, we can help you analyse a large range of financial data automatically in real time.

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Data Science & Analytics

Our Data Science team can help you analyse complex data systems and uncover hidden insights. Operating across all industries, we can provide you with the expertise to transform your business to be fully data-driven.